Invisalign,   CBCT,  3D X-Ray Available          
   Invisalign,   CBCT,  3D X-Ray Available          


Care for Baby tooth

At Solanki dental centre we place special importance in preventing tooth decay in children. Additionally, we work towards the maintenance of primary teeth (baby teeth) until they are naturally lost. We believe in alleviating the fear of dentists from children's minds. A child's first visit to dentist is always a crucial one. Hence, we always keep the first routine dental visit short. Introduce the child to the dental environment and do quick check up. We want the children to enjoy their visits to dentists. Be assured that your children would be managed and treated with love and care and soon they will give you a healthy smile.

We provide many dental treatments to children, ranging from routine dental care, such as cleaning, X-ray examinations and fillings. We also make sure that a child's jaw and teeth are developing properly. This is because early intervention and proper dental practice can make a child much less likely to develop dental problems such as cavities or abnormal bite as they are growing up.

"You Dont't Have To Brush All Your Teeth... Just The Ones You Want To Keep."