What is Dental Phobia

For many patients, a visit to the dentist can create anxiety that is so severe that they will go for years without having a dental examination. Such patients often end up in extreme pain as they have not seen a dentist for many years and consequently may now need extensive dental treatment.

Patient's anxiousness over treatment is an important factor that is carefully considered at Solanki dental centre, we take the time to identify patient's fear and its source. Whatever information is shared is taken seriously and handled with great care, understanding and empathy.

We understand that the patients feel vulnerable and helpless on the dental chair. Our patients are given the right to ask any questions regarding their problem and treatment at any point of time. We will provide as much information about any dental treatment that you need to know and we will see to it that your visits to us are easy and comfortable.

Thus why waste time fearing dental treatments rather smile with confidence and call us for an appointment.

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