Invisalign,   CBCT,  3D X-Ray Available          
   Invisalign,   CBCT,  3D X-Ray Available          

Laser Dentistry

How, What, Why Laser Dentistry..?

Over the years, the laser has advanced the entire field of health care. This technology has long been embraced by the medical community because of the ability to control these concentrated light beams with pinpoint accuracy, resulting in minimal tissue damage, less pain and discomfort, and much faster healing and recovery times. Because of their advantage, the dental versions of these amazing tools are now used at Solanki Dental Centre for numerous procedures, including oral hygiene, tooth fillings, root canal therapies and oral surgery. Laser also have the ability to clean and disinfect treated areas better than any other conventional dental techniques.

"You Dont't Have To Brush All Your Teeth... Just The Ones You Want To Keep."