Myobrace for Children: A Natural Solution for Straighter Smiles

Welcome to the world of Myobrace for children, where we believe in natural solutions for straighter, healthier smiles. Myobrace offers a revolutionary approach to orthodontic treatment, focusing on correcting the underlying causes of crooked teeth and poor oral habits in children. With Myobrace, we aim to not only straighten teeth but also improve overall oral health and facial development.

What is Myobrace?

Myobrace is a series of removable oral appliances designed specifically for children to address the root causes of crooked teeth and improper jaw development. Unlike traditional braces, which focus solely on straightening teeth, Myobrace treats the underlying issues that lead to misaligned teeth, such as mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, and incorrect swallowing patterns.

How does it work?

Myobrace works by guiding the growth of the jaws and promoting proper oral habits, ultimately leading to straighter teeth and improved facial development. The appliances are worn for just one to two hours each day and overnight while sleeping, making them convenient and comfortable for children to wear. By encouraging nasal breathing, correct tongue positioning, and swallowing, Myobrace helps retrain the muscles of the face and jaw for optimal function.

Benefits of Myobrace:

  •      • Natural: Myobrace promotes natural growth and development of the jaws, avoiding the need for invasive procedures or extractions.
  •      • Preventative: By addressing oral habits early on, Myobrace can prevent the need for braces or other orthodontic interventions later in life.
  •      • Comfortable: The Myobrace appliances are comfortable to wear and easy to incorporate into daily routines.
  •      • Comprehensive: Myobrace not only straightens teeth but also improves overall oral health, including breathing, swallowing, and facial aesthetics.
  •      • Long-lasting results: By addressing the underlying causes of crooked teeth, Myobrace provides lasting results that go beyond just a straight smile.

Why Choose Myobrace?

Choosing Myobrace for your child's orthodontic treatment means opting for a holistic approach that prioritizes natural growth and development. With Myobrace, you can help your child achieve a straighter, healthier smile without the need for invasive procedures or prolonged treatment times. Give your child the gift of a beautiful smile and optimal oral health with Myobrace.

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