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Dr. Abdulmajid Solanki

Restorative Dentist

BDS, MSc - Dental Surgeon - Restorative Dentist Graduated from Helsinki University Dental College, Finland in 2000

His attitude with patients is friendly and personal. It's built upon the trust he has established with them over 14 years of dental practice. He avidly follows the advances in dentistry and dental technology so that he can provide the most up-to-date care for all of his patients. He believes creating a smile that is based on a patient's perception and wishes and then achieving that smile is extremely rewarding for him. He is a member of the American Dental Association and Indian Dental Association.

Dr. Ashwin V Thomas


BDS, MDS - Master of Dental Surgery, Specialist in Orthodontics

Dr Ashwin Thomas works with patients to improve the functioning of their jaws and teeth and dental appearance thereby increasing their overall self-confidence. He examines patient's dental records and X-rays to determine alignment and occlusion issues, also consult with patients to determine the best treatment plans and fit patients with braces, retainers and other dental appliances. By combining patient's dental needs and desires with his exacting nature, he can work to create something of immeasurable value.

Dr. Buthaina Asreb

GP Dentist

DDS(UAE), Msc (Germany) - Specialist in Laser Dentistry

Dr Buthaina is an expert in laser dental therapies have also been shown to be able to help in preserving and protecting the mouth's all-important "Oral immune System". Over the years, the laser has advanced the entire field of health care. This technology has long been embraced by the medical community because of the ability to control these concentrated light beams with pinpoint accuracy, resulting in minimal tissue damage, less pain and discomfort, and much faster healing and recovery time.

Dr. Aya Abbas Altamimi

GP Dentist


Patient- focused general dentist with 3+ years of experience managing general dentistry procedures, diagnosing dental problems, and determining comprehensive treatment plans. Proven record of success in performing a wide range of dental procedures including; fillings, crowns, bridges, veneers, RCTs and space maintainers. An individual who is dedicated to especially help children to enhance and maintain their oral health; has properly diagnosed, treated and helped prevent mouth and gum diseases, and defects of the teeth; very friendly, accommodating, kind and reliable, reasons that make her a personal and trusted favorite of the children. Passionate to provide the highest possible standards of patient's care. Devoted to establish a communication with the patient that is based on trust and support. Greatly willing to contribute to the development of the dental health system and the quality of patient's dental education.


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